Visual Examination

Ultratest is the leading specialist in ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections on a wide range of materials and products. We make use of several methods for inspection; one of them is Visual examination or Remote Visual Examination.
Visual Examination is an improved visual inspection method that enables acquisition of visual data though various devices like video borescopes, push cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras and robotic crawlers. It is commonly used when direct visual examination is impaired or where access is limited by elements like time or atmospheric conditions.
It is most commonly used as maintenance tool to inspect the functionality of assets. Visual examination offers greater inspection coverage, inspection repeatability and data comparison and hence is very popular.
The extent of the examination shall be defined in advance by an application standard, or by agreement between the contracting parties.
The examiner shall have access to the necessary inspection and production documentation required.
Welds shall be examined in the as-welded condition while physical access is possible, and sometimes it is also necessary to examine after surface treatments.