About Ultratest

Ultratest is a thriving business, running efficiently as a result of our effective business processes. We are the dominant service provider of inspection and testing services in the rail, construction, plant equipment and steel fabrication industries. We have offices in Melbourne and Perth, and proudly provide our services throughout all other locations in Australia. We are well known for the quality of our service and “can do” approach, which has helped us create a strong reputation throughout the industry. This has been achieved with our motivated and well focused team delivering exceptional value to our customer base.

Paul Kelly started Ultratest in 1986 as Director/ Technical Manager. He is responsible for development of testing procedures, training of his first employed technicians and is the Technical Developer/Controller of the Laboratory involved in ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspections.

Today thanks to Paul's background and vast experience in Welding Supervision and Non Destructive Testing, his knowledge and skills have been carried through to our current Ultratest employees through extensive onsite and in-house training.  Paul's experience includes but is not limited to:
Currently Director and Technical Consultant of Ultratest Pty Ltd AINDT Level 3 Ultrasonic Examination AINDT Level 3 Magnetic Particle Testing AINDT Level 3 Penetrant Testing

NATA Assessor from 1976 to present for ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and liquid penetrant testing.

Member of SAA Committee MT7-3 from 1976-1980 during which the following standards were finalised:     AS 2083, AS 2207, AS 1065 and AS 2574

Lectures in NDT  AINDT/AWI joint meeting 1978, Ultrasonic Examination of Welds.  AINDT.  Lectures to AINDT courses at RMIT on Defects in Welds and Ultrasonic Sizing Techniques.

Lectures in Welding Technology. AWI Brisbane Conference 1970.  Electroslag Welding using a Consumable Nozzle. AWI/NZWI Conference 1972.  Relative Economics of Electroslag Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding. WTWI Seminar 1995 Defects in welded joints, how they are caused and their detection using NDE.  

1976 - 1998 Paul carried out investigation on the Ultrasonic Testing of Welds to determine the following:

  • Detection probability of defects in welds.
  • Sizing techniques 20dB drop, maximum amplitude technique and signal height evaluation.
  • Crack detection probability of Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic Testing through various surface coatings.